Staying Home Smarter


Australians are increasingly open to AI technology to help their senior loved ones stay home for longer.

As the Royal Commission into Aged Care continues to uncover flaws in our aged care system, Australians are turning to technology, Artificial Intelligence in particular, to ensure their loved ones receive the care they deserve.

InteliCare is a low-cost, subscription service app for care providers and families that can sense a wide range of in-home activity and therefore can detect unusual occurrences. By detecting whether there may be a problem in real-time, out-of-home caregivers can be alerted immediately and all of those fears can be allayed.

If InteliCare detects a potential incident it also provides an ability for carers or family to “call in” to the home should the resident be unable to answer the phone. This can help assess the need for assistance and provide reassurance that help is on the way.

InteliCare recently delivered a 29 percent spike in quarterly sales of its InteliLiving products and launched a new online e-commerce marketplace targeting families who want to monitor the wellbeing of their elderly or health-challenged family members remotely. The InteliLiving system includes discreet in-home sensors to look out for them and provide their families and carers with peace of mind.

Irene Rodreguiez of Morley, WA aged in her early 90s has been using the system since February 2020 and says the InteliLiving platform has changed the way she interacts with her family for the better.

“I like InteliLiving because it makes my family very happy. It’s nice because it’s not a camera – when I get up in the morning, I see the light from the sensor but it doesn’t bother me at all. This is good for my children because they tend to worry about me all the time.

“You feel more secure really – because anything can happen when you’re alone sometimes. But I feel comfortable with this. I love InteliLiving because you feel more secure.”

Intelicare provides insights into

  • Daily “Everything is ok” notifications
  • Failure arise at a normal time alerts
  • Home activity and social isolation
  • Meal preparation trends
  • Sleep patterns and night time activity
  • High or low room temperatures
Subscriptions begin at $33 per week.

For more information about InteliLiving, visit or call 1800 354 061.

Article replicated with permission from InteliCare.