It always seems impossible until it's done

~ Nelson Mandela

All over the world designers, creatives, health professionals, scientists, hackers, mums, dads, kids and people of all abilities are trying new ways of doing things.  So whether you strive to climb a mountain or a molehill chances are someone, somewhere is working on a way to get you there. 

At Eazilee we strive to share and support new and emerging technologies with life changing potential for people living an adaptive lifestyle. 

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We know that big ideas and big failures lead to great innovation so we commit to investing back into helping those new ideas get into the hands of the people who need them. 

By providing feedback to the makers on their prototypes you have the power to influence design and to show us which products you think have the ability to change lives.  

Every new idea starts small and needs independent honest feedback from the people who matter to become a reality.

So if you are designing a new product, running a hackathon, or have created your own assistive devices or hacks from everyday products we want to hear from you

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