Meet our Inspiration

What's with the Penguin?

Penguins are one of the worlds most adaptive animals so who better to be our icon and set the benchmark for great adaptive products.

Did you know that penguins lost the ability to fly millions of years ago, but they adapted to survive with their super powerful flippers, webbed feet, heavy bones and sleek bodies making them the fatest swimming and deepest diving species of any birds.

Their eyes have even adapted to see both clearly in air and under water.

So a penguin might not be able to fly like all the other birds in the sky but they sure can fly in the water.

How Do We Rate A Product?

Eazilee’s penguin ratings are independently collated from reviews submitted by you the user.

Each product receives an overall “adaptive” rating which represents the percentage of user and professional reviews that are positive for that product. A percentage score is calculated after it has received at least 5 reviews.

Our highest standard – the golden penguin is awarded to those products with an 80% or over positive rating. These ratings are constantly changing based on the feedback of our users.

Featured Prototypes receive a % score which reflects our communities desire to see this product to market taking into account affordability, design and individual user need. Prototype feedback provides a unique opportunity for consumers and health professionals to contribute to design and for makers to receive early consumer feedback into their products.


Our highest adaptive accolade the Golden Penguin.

Awarded to products with an average of over 80% positive reviews.


Awarded to great products with a positive review score between 60 -80%.

Sad Unhappy Penguin Logo

< 60%

The crowd aint feeling the love. But what a great opportunity to take on some feeback, adapt and make changes to truly help your consumers fly.

Prototype Logo with Unhatched Egg


Because we want to keep you in the loop with the big ideas we also feature prototypes, hacks and products not yet ready to let loose on the world. Your feedback is invaluable to the makers striving to design products which solve your challenges.

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No reviews on the product you love? Your experience can really help others make better decisions, drive new design and influence the future. Time to speak up.