Aira Staff member providing visual information via phone and computer
Aira Staff member interpreting visual information
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Visual Interpreting application for low vision.

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Meet the Maker: Aira


Aira is a mobile application for people with low vision, connecting you with real, highly trained people on demand who can see your surroundings through your phones camera.

Blind and low-vision people use Aira to enhance their everyday efficiency, for activities as straightforward as sorting mail and reading menus at restaurants, to straight-up amazing activities like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Aira is a flexible tool that can be used for whatever suits your lifestyle, with professional agents eager to assist with almost any task. Try Aira for free today to find out how you can benefit from using Aira in your life.

By using the camera on your smartphone, a live video stream is sent to an Aira agent. Through an AI-powered dashboard, an Aira agent is able to immerse themselves in a blind or low-vision person’s world, seeing and hearing their environment. Agents also have access to web-based data, including maps, location tracking, search engines, text-based messaging and even rideshare integration – all carefully calibrated to provide blind and low-vision users with a seamless and positive experience.

Aira is a freely available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.



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