Clap visual image under lid of BigMack device to show sound of clapping

BigMack Communicator

Speech Generating Device

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The BIGmack® is the original single message communicator. Record a message then position the large round button for the child or adult to use. The single message can perform any communication function, for example, tell a joke, a greeting, an instruction, to call for another communication device or tool, as a part of a game (“ready, steady, go!”, “you’re out!”), news from school, news from home. Supplied with a clear snap cap and 4 interchangeable coloured tops, the BIGmack can be customised to suit visual needs and personal preferences.

A picture or symbol can be placed under the clear snap cap, to represent the stored message.

the BIGmack can be mounted using Ablenet’s large universal plate kit in conjunction with a range of mounting systems. Three holes in the base of the device are available for screwing it into place.

Record any single message directly into the BIGmack and press its large activation surface for up to 2 minutes of playback. Students with visual disabilities and those who require a larger activation surface will have no problem connecting with BIGmack communicator’s large, 13cm (5-inch) activation surface as they connect with teachers, classmates and the world around them.

Interchangeable switch tops in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
Two minutes recording time
Better than ever crystal clear voice quality at all volumes
Big button, 13cm (5 inches) in diameter
One-shot timer: prevents message repetition, even if the surface is continually activated
Toy/appliance jack with cable included: so you can pair voice output communication with an activity
Includes Snap Switch Cap
Easy access volume control and on/off switch with sleep-mode: provide all the control you need
External switch jack: allows you to plug in another switch when required
Colourful, easy-to-see surface and durable construction: deliver successful communication every time
Made of durable high-impact ABS plastic
Responsive across the entire switch surface
Easily mounted with the Universal Mounting Plate or carry it with the Travel Strap Shoulder Mount
Equipped with six-foot cord using 3.5mm (1/8th inch) monoplug
Designed to provide audible feedback to the user

RRP $135 USD
Also available in LittleMack version.



Love this product!! Amazing for communications. We use it all the time to send messages back and forth with my daughters’ teachers. Great big surface area to help with her coordination. Bright colors to help with visual impairments.

Had multiple levels so you can store more than one message

Not all toys work with the switch!
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