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Billy Footwear

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BILLY Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely. Thus the wearer can place his or her foot onto the shoe footbed unobstructed. Then with a tug on the zipper-pull the shoe closes and secures overtop the user’s foot. It’s simple. It’s easy.

Billy shoes offer ranges for Men, Women and Children

RRP $50USD (kids) – $90 USD (Adults)


Customers who use AFOs have had a lot of success with Billy Shoes, but unfortunately it is not a total guarantee. Folks with larger braces or who already have wider feet may not be able to use some of our current shoes because the shoes simply are unable to create enough volume inside to accommodate. See Billy FAQ for more information.



Great looking shoes for children.
They allow room for orthotics and the zip means they are easy to put on and stay on.
The zipper means you can position your child's foot properly in the shoe.
Good tread on sole for activities.

I wish they had a bit more room up around the ankle for those children that wear Ankle Foot Orthosis and need a bit more space.

Ensure you get proper sizing particularly if your child requires some extra room if they have orthotics.
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