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Boost Surf Fin

Electric Motorised Surf Fin

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Boost is Changing Surfing Experience The fin that gives you just enough of extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. A revolutionary combination of power, portability and design applied in surfing industry.

When users want a boost, they activate the Fin’s brushless 800-watt motor via a board-mounted or wrist-mounted wireless remote. That motor responds by putting out up to 20 lb (9 kg) of thrust – this takes the board to a top speed of 11 mph (18 km/h) for either eight or 20 seconds, depending on the selected boost length.

Power is provided by a lithium battery, good for two hours of total runtime per 60 to 90-minute charge – the Fin can be removed from the board for charging.

The new surf gadget allows all surfers – regardless of age or experience – the opportunity to enjoy the sport for several consecutive hours and could assist surfers with physical limitations who may not be able to paddle on their own or may have difficulty paddling continuously.

“We want to create an open-minded and inclusive community for surfers that want to have fun together regardless of paddling strength or experience,” explains co-founder Alex Ostanin.

Suitable for Surfing and SUP

RRP $250 USD – Available via pre-order


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