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adaptive bra

Model: Adaptive Bra


BraEasy is an Australian designed and owned company and provides adaptive bras.
The bras are made from soft fabrics with hidden velcro side openings or a front opening clip.
A sports bra is also available that has no fastenings but can be pulled over the head and shoulders.

• Underwire clip front opening
• Underwire velcro side opening
• No underwire clip front opening
• No underwire velcro side opening
• A sports bra that can be pulled over the head and shoulders

AU/NZ 8-26

RRP AUD $20-60 range

Clinical considerations
• Increases ability to put a bra on and take a bra off with the use of one arm only
• Increases client sense of independence with dressing and undressing
• A sports bra option that can be pulled over head and shoulders may be an option for a person with reduced manual dexterity for clipping or velcro


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