Prosthetic hand with pinch grip on chopstick
Brain Robotics black prosthetic hand shaking hands with human hand

Brain Robotics Prosthetic Hand

AI intuitive Prosthetic Hand

Meet the Maker: Brain Robotics


An intuitive AI-powered hand that allows the user to make unlimited gestures and grips.

Features of BrainRobotics Dexus Prosthetic System include:

  • Fingers that able to separately operate;
  • 10 freely movable joints;
  • Thumb with active adduction, abduction, flexion and extension functionalities;

Unlike other prosthetic hands that came before it, this one employs an algorithm that allows the hand and user to learn from each other and becomes more lifelike with each use. The device also uses eight multichannel electromyography sensors in the wrist, which enable the hand to process muscle signals from the user’s arm, allowing more accurate control over grips and hand motions

Brain Robotics has created a prosthetic hand with a modular mechanical design, allowing users to easily replace broken components without having to purchase an entirely new hand, reducing maintenance costs.

The prosthetic is currently in prototype stage and estimated retail is $10,000-$15,000 USD


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