Person seated at desk in Carbon Black Wheelchair
Carbon Black Wheelchair
Athlete with gold medals in Carbon Black Chair
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Carbon Black Wheelchair

Custom Carbon Fibre Wheelchairs

Meet the Maker: Carbon Black


Wheelchairs designed solely for the user – ergonomic, sleek and contemporary with a focus on making life easier.

Made with light and incredibly strong carbon fibre and lightweight aluminium for added strength and resilience.

Carbon black is designed to look futureproof and inspiring so people focus on you and not your chair.

  • Multiple backrest options
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio. Weighing from 5.5kg including wheels and tyres.
  • Easy to propel
  • Absorbs bumps for a smoother ride due to the monocoque suspension.
  • Tactile warming and pleasing to touch so you wont hurt your hands, leave black marks around your home or scratch your car.
  • Sculptural shapes with inspiration from Formula One racing cars.
  • Wheels weigh only .5kg each. Solid One piece 5 spike carbon rims with a moulded ergonomic push rim as a structural part of the wheel. Customised wheel designs available.

Carbon Black 2 Pre Order – Starting at £4000.


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