Cure Bionics

Bionic Prosthetic


Cure Bionics is developing 3D-printed bionic hands that are controlled by muscles so no need for surgical interventions, customized thanks to removable covers, easy to use thanks to an Artificial-intelligence based algorithm, having and adjustable socket since children grow fast, easy to assemble like LEGO, equipped with a solar and wireless charger.

CURE, is a Tunisian-based bionic startup that develops affordable 3D printed bionic prosthetics that are customizable and easy to use and that imitate the biological human limb behavior. We also a therapeutic solution that uses virtual reality and gamification allowing them to get rehabilitation but also training on how to use their future prosthetics.

With CURE, you can customize your own covers and make super cool bionic prosthetics. You can choose your own COLORS|SHAPES|DESIGNS

VREHAB is a gamified virtual reality therapeutic solution that allows amputees to do their therapy at home while the doctor do the real-time follow up from a distance. In fact and during the therapy, amputees can see a virtual hand, control it and play games that simulate the therapy exercises in an entertaining and motivating way. All of that is affordable, trackable, mobile and efficient.


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