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Earpiece worn for communication


Your ear is not just for listening…. it will control your environment.
The Earswitch places control in your ear; a sensor that detects intentional movement of your eardrum by one of the smallest muscles in your body.
Squeeze or tense the muscle and a sensor in your earphone or hearing aid, powered by Earswitch, will control your device:
change tracks/ volume; operate your headcam; answer your phone; read your text; control your game; call for help or select the icon you are looking at with eyetracking.
The Earclick is the new invisible mouse-click.Investigating the Earswitch for safer non-touch communication and IT control
The Earswitch provides the potential for controlling handsfree communication via earphones for health care workers in PPE (preventing the need to touch a phone or earphone).
In the general population using a smart earphone with Earswitch control rather than a mobile phone may prevent transmission from hand to phone to face.
Eyetracking control may be more efficient using the Earswitch as a rapid “Ear-click to select” – enabling Eyetracking to be a realistic handsfree interface for medical staff to control IT (such as electronic medical records & devices etc) without risk of virus transmission.
Many interfaces will gain from being “non-touch” to reduce transmission of COVID.

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