Empulse pull device on manual wheelchair used by woman on way to work with a friend
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Empulse F55 Wheelchair Pull Device

manual wheelchair conversion to powered

Model: Empulse F55


The Empulse F55 is compatible with most fixed-front wheelchairs and offers many benefits in your daily life.

Choose between the 8.5” version or the 14” version. The fully adjustable position of the Empulse F55 lets you adjust weight-balance and optimize traction. Two independent brake systems ensure increased safety. Smaller pack-size, easy to transport, very manoeuvrable and it turns very easily.
Angle and height of the Empulse F55 can be adjusted without increments. Optimized positioning will shift weight on the front wheel and will thus increase traction and manoeuvrability.
The Empulse F55 comes with a 8.1 Ah capacity Li-Ion battery for up to 25km of range. It features an intelligent battery management system for improved charging cycles and lifetime.The Empulse

F55 is ultra compact and easy to dock so that you can upgrade your wheelchair with that extra power whenever it is needed. Thanks to the flip up sub frame, the F55’s pack size can be minimised within seconds.

Display and Handlebars
Full control with the easy-to-read display. It shows all the information you need: Speed mode, trip distance, total distance, battery condition and power consumption. You can also adjust the position of your handlebar on-the-fly.

260 – 480 mm (Wheelchair front frame width)
Front Wheel Size:

4: Black, red, blue, orange
Max. Range:
25 km

15 kph

Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.1 Ah
Max Kerb Climb:
up to 11% (6°)

Total Weight:
From 13 kg (with battery)

Maximum User Weight:
110 kg

RRP GBP 2500

Clinical Considerations
Occupant requires good upper body and arm strength to maintain balance when speed increases.
Occupant needs to consider the manual dexterity (both hands and thumbs and fingers) required for docking and undocking the powered device from the seated position in the manual wheelchair.
The choice in wheel size depends on terrain. Larger wheel circumference may cope better with unmade pathways.


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