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Vision checks via iPhone app

Model: Eyeque


EyeQue is a personal vision tracker that connects to a cell phone to allow for refraction measurements and prescription tracking.

This is a great tool for patients who have progressive visual issues and want to track and monitor their vision changes. Their new product, EyeQue Insight, allows for binocular vision testing by therapists in low vision or vision rehab settings, as well as by driver rehabilitation specialists. The binocular testing program takes about three minutes to complete.

The exciting development with products such as EyeQue is making health tracking, such as vision testing, available to parts of the world that might not otherwise have reliable access to optometry services.
When people administer the EyeQue vision test, they adjust two lines, red and green, until they merge into one solid yellow line, indicating light focus on the retina.

RRP Vision monitoring US $ $179
Vision Check US $ $70
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