Genny self balancing wheelchair on a trail covered in snow
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Genny Self Balanced Wheelchair

Self balancing wheelchair

Model: Genny Mobility


Genny is a self balancing electric wheelchair.

The Genny is built on a Segway base, making it safe and easy to operate.

Two feet stabilize the Genny until you’re ready to ride, raise the feet and the Genny starts to balance itself. Lean forward to go forwards, lean backwards to go backwards.

Presence sensors under the seat know when an operator is on board avoiding accidental activations.

Two parallel wheels and many sensors (and many sensor redundancies for safety) monitor the Genny’s operation and allow the Genny to move only shifting the upper torso forwards to advance, backwards to slow down and brake. Simple removable handlebars permit the means of spinning without compulsory specific use of the hands, leaving them totally free.

Range: 15km – 25km (depending on rider weight and terrain)
Minimum rider weight: 50kg
Maximum rider weight range: 95kg – 115kg (depending on rider build and terrain)
Maximum incline/slope: 18% (10°)

RRP AUS $32,200

Clinical considerations
• The user will need the ability to lean forward and backwards safely to initiate front movement (lean forward) and reverse movement (lean back) therefore will require very good upper trunk strength and balance capabilities
• No operation of a control lever (a throttle or a brake) is necessary


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