Bumpn Prototype vibrating joystick with one purple end and one grey.

Bumpn Joystick

Hands Free Sexual Device

Meet the Maker: Bumpn
Model: Bump'n Joystick


Sexual pleasure is a human right. But it’s out of reach for hundreds of millions around the world due hand limitations like ageing, disability, arthritis and injury. Bump’n believes in everyone’s human right to sexual pleasure, so we’re creating the first line of sex toys that don’t rely on the use of your hands.

Hands are the biggest barrier to sex toys on the market and to an unaided wank. So, we’ve removed the reliance on fine motor skills and hands, transferring it to gross motor skills and larger muscle groups. Once you hug the Joystick into position, with a vibrator or sleeve in the centre, you can relax and let the pleasure wash over you without worrying about your hands!

It’s flexible for different disabilities, bodies and positions to hit all your sweet spots.
It’s fun for everyone, designed for all gender expressions!
Get turned on with a nod, with the chin control that’s always in reach.
It’s huggable, made to be the perfect cuddle partner.
And best of all, as ‘hands free’ as possible.

The Joystick has been designed to hold your favourite sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, wands and sleeves. There are different sized holes to accommodate a variety of toys (and kinks). Breathing new life into toys you own, or allowing you to explore a variety of new toys.

The two halves come apart for easy cleaning and storage. Some testers have also used it for partner play and different positions – adding even more flexibility and versatility.

The Joystick has been designed by sexual health and wellness experts, Occupational Therapists and the disabled community – making it the first in a line of sex toys designed for and by disabled people, to be enjoyed by all. Pre order yours today!

RRP $249 USD

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