Introducing the Handi JoystickIntroducing the Handi Joystick
Handi Joystick prototypeHandi Joystick prototype

Handi Joystick

Hands Free Sexual Device

Meet the Maker: Handi
Model: Handi Joystick


Sexual pleasure is a human right. But it’s out of reach for hundreds of millions around the world due hand limitations like ageing, disability, arthritis and injury. Handi believes in everyone’s human right to sexual pleasure, so we’re creating the first line of sex toys that don’t rely on the use of your hands.

Check out the first sneak peek of The Handi Joystick, our first toy in development! There are SO many reasons to get turned on:

It’s flexible for different disabilities, bodies and positions to hit all your sweet spots.
It’s fun for everyone, designed for all gender expressions!
Get turned on with a nod, with the chin control that’s always in reach.
It’s huggable, made to be the perfect cuddle partner.
And best of all, as ‘hands free’ as possible.

The Handi Joystick is currently in prototype stage with an estimated presale late 2021.

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