Hori Controller with added switches
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Hori Flex Controller

Accessible Nintendo Game Controller

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The Flex Controller was built with the sole purpose of bringing the joy of gaming to more people.
While developing the Flex Controller we worked with and asked for the opinion of gamers who have physical disabilities due to Muscular Dystrophy, SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), Cerebral Palsy, and others as well as medical professionals who specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to create a truly inclusive product for all gamers. This product was designed and developed under the supervision of Technotool Co., Ltd., who specializes in developing products specifically for the physically handicapped.
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who assisted with developing this product.

The Flex Controller is designed and sold specifically for those who can’t use a standard controller.
Please do not use this product for anything other than it’s intended purposes as an accessibility controller.
This will allow more people who need this product to access it.

Sale of the Flex Controller is a limited to Technotool’s “at-mall” online store.

Enjoy games using various external switches and joystick attachements.

Instead of the traditional controller shape, the Flex Controller allows additional switches and joysticks to be connected via the auxiliary and USB ports.

The following products can be used with the Flex Controller:

Products made by Technotool Co., Ltd.
Analog Joystick

Products made by HORI
HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch
Real Arcade Pro V HAYABUSA for Nintendo Switch
Battle Pad for Nintendo Switch
HORIPAD Mini for Nintendo Switch

Stick push function is not compatible.
An additional switch is required.

When connecting a controller, buttons and functions other than the analog stick will not respond.

Compatible with Two Player Titles

Two player games can be played in TV Mode on the Nintendo Switch and Windows 10/ 8.1.

Support Button
The top of the Flex Controller has additional buttons so support can easily be given especially with navigating and inputting commands on the menu and settings page.

Attach to a Stand

The controller can be attached to a stand such as a camera mount by using a ¼ inch camera screw.

RRP – $250 USD


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