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Smart Home Sensor Monitoring Solution

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Meet the Maker: InteliCare


InteliCare is a low-cost, subscription service app for care providers and families that can sense a wide range of in-home activity and therefore can detect unusual occurrences. By detecting whether there may be a problem in real-time, out-of-home caregivers can be alerted immediately and all of those fears can be allayed.

If InteliCare detects a potential incident it also provides an ability for carers or family to “call in” to the home should the resident be unable to answer the phone. This can help assess the need for assistance and provide reassurance that help is on the way.

InteliCare has been designed from the ground up with a focus on security, reliability and flexibility. As technology advances, InteliCare has the ability to adapt and evolve alongside our increasingly tech savvy and connected ageing population without compromising the security or privacy of our digital-family

There is no need for cameras or microphones with InteliLiving®. Instead, discreet sensors are placed around the home, in doorways and on key appliances, designed to gather information on movement, activity levels, temperature and more. The software uses this to relay information about behaviour such as sleeping patterns, social outings, meal preparation, and any potential health issues.

The InteliHub is the heart of InteliLiving®. Family members, carers, and other members of the care team can text messages through, while reminders can also be set for appointments or to take medication, which are then displayed on the clear screen.

At any time, the care team can access the app and its advanced analytics, which provides them with information to make decisions around physical and mental health. Daily updates confirm everything is OK, while alerts indicate when there are potential problems that should be looked into.

24/7 access for family, friends and carers.

Intelicare provides insights into

  • Daily “Everything is ok” notifications
  • Failure arise at a normal time alerts
  • Home activity and social isolation
  • Meal preparation trends
  • Sleep patterns and nighttime activity
  • High or low room temperatures

Price: Subscription $33 per week.


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