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Speech generating communication device


iTalk4 is a speech-generating colourful communication device that allows pre-recording messages to use throughout the day. iTalk4 provides the user with access to 4 message locations and features amplified dual speaker sound output that ensures clear communication in almost any environment.

It has 6-minutes of record time with three included separate recording levels and holds up 12 unique messages at any time. This handy talker comes with clear snap caps to insert pictures to make answering easier for the user.

iTalk with levels is switch accessible. Connect one switch to each message for direct message playback. Alternatively, use the toy/appliance outputs to turn your iTalk with levels into a switch and ad communication to your activity.
The volume control and toy/appliance outlets allow the user to make the iTalk4 compatible with other Ablenet devices for more fun and more ways to speak with others.


4 message locations
3 recording levels
Holds up to 12 unique messages at one time
Button size2.5” in diameter
Comes with clear snap caps to include picture symbols of your choice
6 minutes of recording time
Volume control on/off switch
Crystal clear digital sound
Activation Type: Pressure
Requires 4 AA batteries(not included)
2 years warranty

RRP $250 USD


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