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Krabat Pilot

Childrens supportive crawling aid

Meet the Maker: Krabat
Model: Krabat Pilot


The Krabat Pilot is an innovative and unique type of crawling aid that supports the child in a 4-footed stance with weightbearing through the hips and shoulders. The product is different than other types of crawling aids due to its adjustable gas spring which gives the child dynamic assistance to lift their pelvis. The amount of assistance given by the gas spring can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the child. In addition, the height and length of the Pilot can be altered, making the Krabat suitable for children between the ages of 1-5 years.
The Co-Pilot system, which consists of two knee pads and two elastic bands, was developed to protect the child’s knees and give adequate friction wooden and lineloum floors. The elastic band help to limit hip abduction and guide the child into a crawling position.

Functionality for all users
All the products are developed with children in mind, however all other users are also considered. Parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, kindergarten staff, school staff and many other individuals also operate the aid. Because of this, Krabat places great emphasis on all the people involved with the child perceiving the aid as functional, purposeful and attractive.

An aid is rarely used in just one situation. The aid is transported and used both indoors and outdoors during winter and summer alike. Aids must therefore be adapted to a wide range of different situations and be easy to transport.

All Krabat products are recognized as high-quality products when it comes to their function, aesthetics and workmanship. Krabat’s staff are welcoming, provide good service and maintain a high level of professionalism. The company is certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001.

Clinical consideration
Assists with encouraging neck extension and strength.
Upper limbs are free to interact with toys or food placed in front of the aid.
Upper limbs are strengthened by the child propelling the Krabat Pilot forward across a smooth surface.
Use with adult supervision.

RRP Krabat Pilot USD $1256.50
Back Strap USD $209.00
Co-pilot knee USD supports $414.75
Pilot Harness USD $414.75


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