Child using Krabat Pirat to float in pool on 3 discs
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Krabat Pirat

Floating Aid


Krabat Pirat is a floating aid that gives the child new opportunities to be independent in the water. The child is safely secured on a padded board with a pair of trousers and an optional back strap. The child is placed in a safe and engaging position on their stomach which allows the child to be active. The angle of the board can be adjusted from 0 degrees, where the child is laying horizontally, to 90 degrees where the child is in a standing position. The product can help the child to strengthen their neck and back muscles, improve upper and lower limb mobility and increase stability of the trunk.

The Krabat Pirat was developed with the idea of giving children the feeling of independence, joy, progression and mastering. The highly stable floating aid is suitable for children at all levels of functioning and comes in two sizes. Size 1 is suitable for children aged 2-8 years, and size 2 for children aged 8-18 years. Using the Pirat gives the carer more freedom to interact with the child because it is not necessary to spend time and energy on keeping the child afloat in the water or being concerned about safety.

The product is crafted from solid materials that will not rust. As a result it can be used in either a swimming pool, freshwater or salt water.

A range of accessories are available including head supports and back straps and are available in a range of sizes.

RRP Approx $4000 USD


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