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Leckey Horizon Stander

adult and child stander

Model: Leckey Horizon Stander


A revolutionary 3-in-1 stander, The Leckey Horizon is designed for users from kids to adults with complex postural needs. It is available in 3 sizes with the Size 3 designed for the larger teen or adult.

This electric operated standing system provides outstanding postural support and pelvic stability in either prone, supine or upright positions.
Available with highly adaptable features including chest, hip, knee and footplate supports to provide easy adjustability and optimal standing positioning to the client.
For adolescents and adults it has wider hip pad and chest lateral distances.

The Horizon stander is three standers built into one. Being able to be used as an upright, supine or prone stander makes this multi-position stander a versatile platform in standing therapy.
Angle adjustment of 0° to 90° is made easy with this positional stander through the use of the rechargeable remote control.
The versatile and easy to use angle adjustment of the Leckey Horizon allows clients to achieve a standing position that have shown to have many benefits to overall health and everyday life:

• Improved pressure relief
• Enhance functional reach
• Improved range of motion
• Supporting vital organs and improve circulation
• Promote bone health
• Reduce abnormal muscle tone
• Improve motor abilities

Covers come in four colour options

Maximum weight limit 50kgs/80kgs/100 kgs

RRP AUD (Approx) $7400

Clinical considerations
• The multi-adjustability will reduce need for transfers between other equipment to attain upright and supine (lying flat face up) positions
• When in supine (lying flat face up) the occupant can be transferred using a sling and hoist by carer to reduce manual handling
• 3D footplate option can accommodate plantar or dorsiflexion needs


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