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Leckey Mygo Stander

paediatric stander

Model: Leckey Mygo Stander


Mygo Stander provides the best standing therapy solution on the market – this 3-in-1 stander delivers truly excellent positioning whether a child is in prone, supine or upright. Mygo Stander doesn’t compromise on quality, ensuring children get the support and comfort they need to enjoy standing and the benefits this brings. Suitable for ages 4-14 years.
Hip, knee and ankle contractures can be accommodated via Mygo Stander’s outstanding adjustability. The footplates and knee supports uniquely move together, taking the strain off the hip flexors, hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles, ensuring children stand in a more upright functional posture. This linked movement opens up standing therapy to children who were previously unsuitable because of their contractures.

A child’s activity and independence can be increased through using Mygo Stander as it has been designed to improve upper limb function. The ergonomically designed chest pad replicates the shape of the rib cage, allowing the shoulder girdle to freely protract and retract in prone standing. This, combined with Mygo Stander’s lower tray height and a more upright head and chest position, supports significant improvement in the child’s upper limb function. The child has space to move, supporting freer arm movement and an increased ability to carry out everyday activities such as feeding themselves, playing, self-care tasks and communicating with others.

• Headrest options including Whitmeyer
• Shoulder pad
• Chest laterals
• Flip away laterals
• Chest/hip wrap around harness
Material colours: Blue, pink, orange and grey (infection control)

• Size 1 4-10 years
• Max weight 50 kgs
• Size 2 8-14 years
• Max weight 60 kgs

RRP AUD $4000-$6000

Clinical Considerations
• Angle of knee supports can be independently adjusted to 20 degrees, this allows for any lower limb contractures or tight ham strings to be accommodated
• Angle of foot supports can be independently adjusted to 10 degrees to accommodate plantar or dorsiflexion needs
• The grey material can be machine washed at a higher temperature to assist with infection control


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