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Leckey Prone stander

prone stander

Model: Leckey Prone Stander


The Leckey Prone stander is a robust, adjustable prone standing system for users aged 1-18 years.
It is easy to set up and adjust for multiple users.
Five incremental secure prone positions possible, from 85° to 45°.
Supplied as standard with individually adjustable chest, hip, knee and sandal supports.
In addition to the prone angle adjustment, the stander covers a large growth range and has adjustable chest, hip and knee supports, to ensure that it meets a large range of clinical needs.
An adjustable knee plate and cups ensures the knees are securely and comfortably supported at the correct height for each child.

• Size 1 – 1-5 years
• Size 2 – 4-10 years
• Size 3 – 9-18 years

Load Capacity
• Size 1 – 30 kgs
• Size 2 – 60 kgs
• Size 3 – 100 kgs

RRP AUD (approx) $2,866

Clinical considerations
• Allows for a gradual weight bearing regime
• Feet are maintained in a secure and stable position using the adjustable sandals
• Enables de-rotation of the hips as well as alignment of the pelvis and centre of gravity over the base of support, via the positioning achieved by the pelvic belt
• The flat tray top can be lifted off to reveal a cut-out for bowl to enable sand/water play


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