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Leckey Squiggles+ Stander

paediatric stander


Squiggles+ builds on the best of the much-loved Squiggles Stander and is suitable for children 1-5 years. It offers three-in-one standing, a child-focused design, near-to-the-ground positioning for interaction at eye level, unsurpassed support and adjustability, as well as easy storage.

Squiggles is suitable for use as a home chair, school chair and with a Hi Low base is designed to meet all the postural and comfort requirements of young children while still maintaining a fun, colorful design.

Squiggles+ also offers new features and benefits which mean little ones can continue to enjoy standing and be part of the action. The anatomically-correct abduction offered by Squiggles+ stabilises the joint and provides optimum loading for early hip joint development. 60° of hip abduction can be achieved bilaterally in prone, upright or supine. Squiggles+ promotes proper alignment in the hips, knees and feet as pivot points are in line with the hips. Furthermore, the hip laterals on Squiggles+ shift in sync with the child’s leg allowing the hips to abduct and preventing the laterals from digging into the top of the child’s thigh.

The wrap-around knee supports on Squiggles+ increase comfort and support for the user as they distribute pressure and are especially suited to abducted standing. The padded wraps maintain the knee in neutral alignment and can also be rotated to provide extra lateral support to the knee for low tone children.

Squiggles+ supports transferring with confidence for the child and the carer via larger hip pads and the improved pivot chassis which facilitates full horizontal loading.
Squiggles seating system is able to grow with your child. The back height is continuously variable by up to 6cm and the optional shoulder guide permits further growth by 10cm. The seat surface also grows by up to 10cm in width and depth.

• 3 fabric options blue, green and pink
• Variety of flat and contoured headrests including Whitmyer headrest options.

Now able to interface with Zippie IRIS

RRP AUD $3690

Clinical considerations
• The multi-adjustability will reduce need for transfers between other equipment to attain upright and supine (lying flat face up) positions


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