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Sarah using look to speak app to communicate via eye gaze
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Look to Speak

Eye Gaze Communication App

Model: Look To Speak


Look to Speak app was developed by Google compatible for Android smart phones.

This experimental app uses eye tracking to select a phrase by looking up, left or right. If your eyes become fatigued you can look up to snooze the app.

Tips and tricks can be found on this downloadable guide: Guide: Look to Speak App.

This experimental app is not recommended to replace other communication eye gaze technology required for a person with a disability.

Behind the Design
Sarah Ezekiel is an artist, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2000. She is one of millions of people worldwide living with speech and motor impairments.

In 2020, together with her Speech and Language Therapist Richard Cave, she met with a small group from Google exploring how machine learning on smaller devices could make eye-gaze communication technology more accessible to more people.

The hope is that Look to Speak will be helpful to communities with varied types of temporary, permanent or situational disabilities.

More information can be found here Experiments at Google


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