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Health Monitoring Sensor & App for Wheelchair Users

Meet the Maker: Loop+


“Just like a fitbit for your bum really”

loop+ combines a sensor mat which continuously collects data on user activity, with an app that displays individual risk profiles and insights. The collaborative care dashboard connects wheelchair users, their care teams and clinicians for sustainable healthy habits.

THE SENSOR – The sensor pad itself is fixed to the wheelchair, underneath the cushion, to continuously measure seated pressure, position, movement and humidity.

Loop+ considers risk for each user individually, tracking continuously and effortlessly in the background as they go about their day.

The loop+ app gives users the ability to log daily events and then sequences it with the sensor data from the pad to create a shared understanding of the body. Wheelchair users can have data driven conversations with their clinicians, replacing cloudy memories of past events.

This combined with real-time visualisations of the body on the app, users become more aware of the connection of their habits to their unique risk factors.

Loop+ is an Australian Prototype – Register to trial loop @


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