How Loro Works Graphic with 3 circles which highlights 3 functions.
Loro Website displayed on mac computer screen and tablet. Text reads Hi, I'm Loro! You're smart companion Robot
electric wheelchair with loro 360 camera and screen attached


A smart personalized companion giving people with limited mobility the freedom to connect with the world

Meet the Maker: Loro


People experience limited connection with their environments due to lack of upper extremity and neck mobility. This leads to a limited field of vision and communication, causing frustration, lack of independence, and lack of social connection. Before Loro, there were no user-friendly assistive technologies to help these people navigate safely.

Loro co. was founded in 2017 by a diverse team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, from Harvard and MIT. Loro is a wheelchair-attachable device that pairs with an application to provide users with a broader view of their surroundings. This includes integration with smart home systems, a speech-to-text and a text-to-speech system. The device has a 360-degree rotation camera as well as eye-tracking input, made to ensure users in a variety of different conditions would be able to access its services.

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