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Folded compact Luggie Scooter
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Luggie Foldable Scooter

Folding Scooter

Model: Luggie scooter


A lightweight rear-wheel-drive four-wheeled scooter that performs as a three-wheeled scooter and that folds compactly for transportation.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on flat, even surfaces. It is not suitable for off-road. Available in six models and a range of colours and accessories.

Six Models
Luggie Eco RRP AUD $2990
Luggie Standard RRP AUD $4190
Luggie Elite RRP AUD $4690
Luggie Elite Plus RRP AUD $5290
Luggie Super Plus RRP AUD $5890

Luggie Super Plus: With 163kg weight capacity, front suspension, rear pneumatic tyres and lithium battery, automatic slow-down while turning

Luggie Elite Plus: With front suspension, 145kg weight capacity, Rear Pneumatic tyres and Lithium Battery, automatic slow-down while turning

Luggie Eco and Standard: 113.3 kgs

Flip up armrests RRP AUD $239
Under seat bag RRP AUD $89
Folding basket RRP AUD $75
Armrest bag RRP AUD $89

Clinical consideration
The load capacity varies with each model. The Luggie Eco and Standard is 113.3kgs and must be considered for user safety.
Although the scooter can be folded and pulled along, the scooter (especially the battery) is quite heavy, so user/carer strength needs to be considered when loading into transport.


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