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Manatee Bath Chair

Childs bath chair

Model: Manatee Bath Chair


The Manatee is constructed to provide both the user and caregiver with a good bathing experience.
The bathing chair is designed to place the user in a sitting or supine position. The depth of the seat can be adjusted, allowing the bathing chair to “grow” with the child and provides many years of use. The adjustments and accessories are logically positioned, affording the carer better working conditions. The Manatee is very lightweight and can easily be folded for storage or transportation.

The Manatee is a bathing chair suitable for children from the age of 1 year. Not all children are alike – that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size for your child.

Adjustable back and leg rests
Allow adjustments of the back and of the lower leg support with a simple pull of a strap or push of a button.

• Leg supports
• Pommel
• Torso strap
• Pads for head/lateral support
• Wall mounting (for height adjustable frame

RRP USD $66-$655.20

Clinical considerations
• Depth adjustable seat provides for growth
• Cushions and lateral support can be used for head or trunk safety
• Optional stand with lockable castors allows the Manatee chair to be moved into shower
• Optional frame allows the chair to put into the bath and bring the occupant higher or easier access for carer


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