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mCare Watch

Personal Monitoring Wearable


The mCare Watch, is Australia’s first 4G SIM-enabled personal emergency smart watch, providing peace of mind knowing your loved ones can contact you anytime and call for help when required.
The mCareWatch personal alarm has been successfully integrated into lives of families with disabled children and young adults, dementia patients and adults who acquired a disability later in life.

In the coming months, the mCareWatch will be available in different languages. In a world first, the mCareWatch is now available in the Greek language. This means that the watch display (time and date on the screen), the notifications, alerts, appointment, task and medication reminders are all communicated in the Greek language. Plus, we have a new additional feature that has all reminders with text to speech.

– All devices are pre-set with SOS contacts and Sim Card (with Telstra mobile)
– Pre Set Contacts can call into the device, ring once then auto answer to speak to the wearer
– Up to Six automatic SOS preset numbers
– Includes GPS and Wi Fi technology providing location data of the wearer via the carers web portal and mobile app
– Fall detection and auto SOS call
– Low Battery Alerts
– Medication, Task and Appointment reminders via carers portal (Speech to text available)
– Anti Disturb and Call block features
– Water resistant to 1m for 30 minutes
– Speed Dial for 6 different contacts utilising photo images.

The mCareWatch smartphone app is the go-anywhere companion to the mCareWatch. Through the app, using GPS, mobile phone and WiFi technologies, you can access the ConnectiveCARE online platform and pinpoint the wearer’s position to within a few metres.

The mCareWatch app works with any iPhone or Android smartphone. It links with the ConnectiveCARE platform to give you:

Remote Watch Status
GPS Location
SOS Emergency Alarms
Geo-fence Detection
Tailored Medication Reminders
Receive Low Battery Alerts

Prices start at $499 for the mCareWatch personal alarm – we program, set up and activate your watch prior to shipping.

For more information visit mCareWatch

Clinical considerations
The mCare watch and the mCareMate gives peace of mind to family and carers if the user has dementia or a tendency to wander.
When the device detects a fall, it will ask the wearer if they are OK and if they do not respond the device will automatically call the SOS preset contacts. NOTE: this feature will drain the battery and require more frequent recharging of the device.
The mCare watch is available in the Greek language and other languages are being released in due course. This means the that the watch display (time and date on the screen), the notifications, alerts, appointments, task and medication reminders are all communicated in the Greek language.
The mCare watch also has all reminders with text to speech, for the visually impaired.


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