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Mightier – Neuromotion Labs

Biofeedback games for kids to learn Self Regulation

Meet the Maker: Neuromotion Labs


Mightier’s biofeedback games help kids 6-14 build emotional regulation skills. Kids wear a heart rate monitor that controls the difficulty of the game. They learn calming skills to stay focused and in control to win the game. Expert coaches guide parents through every step.

The Mighter biofeedback games are clinically-tested and proven at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Kids practice emotional regulation in the moment through play.

Kids see their emotions comes to life on the screen with the Mighty Band heart rate monitor. The games get harder as they have to practice calming skills in order to win the game

Parents connect with a clinical coach to set goals, track progress and practice strategies to help your child apply the calming skills from the games to real life situations.

Children practice calming skills with Mightier for 45 minutes per week, building muscle memory. Tap into our community to share and connect about progress!”

Games mimic challenges found in everyday life. It’s what makes them interesting and engaging. Mightier’s biofeedback algorithm takes the challenging moments already built in to the game and turns them into key learning opportunities. By practicing calming skills in the game, kids are building the muscle memory needed to call on them when faced with challenges in the real world.

Free Trial. Plans starting at $25 USD per month.


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