Movano Smart Ring

ring that monitors your body activity

Model: Movano Oura Ring


With a Movano ring, you’re empowered to make connections between cause and effect, advocate for your health, recognize patterns—and understand why you feel the way you do so you can start feeling the way you deserve.
Our easy-to-use app captures your body’s signals and transforms them into insight. It delves deep—beyond graphs, charts, percentages—to provide accessible, actionable information to help you make small changes that may make a big impact on your short- and long-term health.
Your ring measures heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen, steps and calories. It can tell you why you slept the way you did, and that your resting heart rate’s higher after a few glasses of wine. It will let you know if your body temperature goes up (so find your partner if you’re trying to conceive!).
Due for release in late 2022.
The Movano rings come in four colours, gold, silver, black and copper.

RRP US$ POA (Price on application)

Clinical considerations
• The wearable ring will give you feedback wherever you are and for any activity
• The user will need a smart phone and the ability to use the appropriate phone application to be able to access the feedback
• May not be suitable for some users with a visual impairment


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