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My Buddy Gard

GPS tracker

Model: My Buddy Gard


This personal Buddy tracker range is designed for your loved ones to wear on the wrist, just like a normal watch (a pendant option is also available). It allows the family member to locate and communicate with your loved ones at any time instantly.
It is designed to give the user peace of mind and feel safe and in control.
If one of your loved ones is living with any Neurodiverse condition, it can make it challenging to give them their freedom AND still allow you to keep an eye on them.

• Your elderly loved one can call you the instant they get disoriented and lost “I just popped out to buy milk but I can’t seem to work out where I am.” You look on your “Track Map” and see exactly where everyone is to determine who in your support team is closest. You can talk to them directly and either steer them home OR get them to stay still and you send help immediately.
• Set Boundary alerts – You can set multiple geo fences (Safe Zones and ‘No Go Zones’) and be alerted the instant one is breached.
• Find Function – Is designed to make your tracker emit a loud sound when activated via Track Map. Should your loved ones get lost and you are close but can’t find them, activate the find function and find them quickly.
• 4G Network – All of the My Buddy Gard GPS trackers operate using a 4G network ensuring the best coverage available!
• 3 months of stored location history-look back over to discover a pattern of behaviour.
• Set reminders – for your elderly loved one to take medicine, watch a TV program or attend an appointment. (Under Development)
• Listen in function – Worried your loved one is being bullied or treated unfairly? Simply activate the listen in function and find out.
• Make phone calls – Use your Buddy tracker to make calls.
• Water-resistant (IP67) – So no need to take off to wash the dishes or take a shower (Not suitable for swimming)
• Large screen – and easy push buttons make it straightforward to operate.
• Camera – take pictures with your watch.
• Long life lithium battery – can last up to 2 days on standby.
• Contact list – Add up to 10 numbers
• Security – Only numbers you’ve added to your contact list and SOS number can call the tracker. All other calls are automatically blocked.
• WiFi Tracking – Helps to locate your Buddy tracker within a 50-meter radius if no GPS signal is available.
• WiFi Connection Alerts – Set your Buddy Tracker to notify you as it enters or leaves the designated WiFi hotspot for an extra layer of protection.

We area an NDIS provider.

RRP AUD: BYO Sim card: $12 per month
Telstra 4G: $39.98 per month

Clinical considerations
• It is beneficial to have the option of a watch worn on the wrist or a pendant worn around the neck, in case a user has a tremor or is unable to use an upper limb.


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