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NeuroNode Trilogy

NeuroNode Trilogy is a 3-in-1 solution for those living with paralysis and loss of speech.

Model: NeuroNode Trilogy


Combining touch control, eye control and NeuroNode 3.0 control, the NeuroNode Trilogy is finally the solution that fits to the user’s needs as they change. Combining control methods allows the user to significantly increase communication speed and output up to 133%.

At the heart of the NeuroNode Trilogy is the NeuroNode 3.0, the latest generation of the world’s leading wearable EMG control device. The NeuroNode 3.0 is packed with new added benefits – making it more intuitive and flexible than ever.

The NeuroNode offers both EMG and Spatial activation. In the Spatial mode the NeuroNode is placed on some part of the body registering voluntary movement. This movement is captured instantaneously and the unified interface combines information from both EMG and Spatial activation. This is designed to make the user and caregivers life easier meaning faster speeds, less fatigue and more simple operation.



  • Durable, lightweight solutions for users on the go
  • Unlimited processing power – a computer without limitations
    3-in-1 solution for flexible access over time
  • NeuroNode 3.0 wearable, wireless access that moves with the user
  • Easy for caregivers to set up and operate – only calibrate once
  • Fast for users to learn and control – begin using it within 30 minutes and quickly become proficient.
  • Lower user fatigue
  • Increased communication speed with multimodal access.
  • Industry-leading customer support


Features + Accessories

  • 2-year warranty
  • NeuroNode 3.0 rechargeable battery for 24+ hours of continuous use
  • 6-12 month electrode supply (when requested or required)
  • 12″ display device
  • Lightweight, portable device under 6 lbs.
  • Durable case with VESA mount
  • NeuroNode Controller Application
  • Grid 3 communication software
  • 24/7 customer support


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