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Pedius is a telephone service for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Pedius is a mobile application that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to make phone calls. Using an advanced speech recognition technology, this app allows deaf people to make private, real-time phone calls. Users can download the application on either iPhone or Android devices.

Once the app has been downloaded the user can either create their own introduction message for phone calls or choose from a generic list within the app. Pedius will then convert the message into an automated voice and send to the recipient. The recipient’s answer will instantly appear on the screen as a written text.

Because we understand that there are many people who are deaf that can speak very well, Pedius has updated its voice setting to allow users to speak. The user may speak to the recipient and then the recipient’s response will appear on the screen as a written text.

Various plans available to make communication accessible for everyone, from Free Personal plans to paid Business Plans.


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