F5 Corpus Black and Acqua accents
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Permobil F5 Corpus Wheelchair

powered wheelchair

Model: Permobil F5


Power meets performance on the new Permobil F5 Corpus power wheelchair with a blazing 10 km/h top end speed and upgraded ComfortRide Pro suspension.

All-wheel independent, fully adjustable, oil dampened shocks provide the ultimate in ride comfort while helping to reduce vibrations that can transfer from terrain up to user.

Experience enhanced vibration reduction driving in all seat positions including an unprecedented 14” ActiveHeight seat elevation.
Climb and reach higher with increased obstacle negotiation, exceptional motor torque and enhanced stability allowing up to 45° of ActiveReach forward tilt functionality.

Standard performance options include aggressive tread tires, caster mud guard protection and 3 premium metallic colours.

Seating System
Corpus®, the world’s leading ergonomic seating system, just got better. Biomechanically optimised power positioning has been enhanced with improved Ergo seat and backrest cushions. Our new dual density backrest foam promotes greater surface area contact while the redesigned Ergo seat pelvic well insert can help pressure redistribution and reduce peak pressures.
Stretch-Air covers offer a breathable, moisture resistant fabric material to enhance comfort and help protect underlying foam.

• Rose
• Acqua
• Platinum
• Gold

RRP AUD (POA) Price on application

Clinical considerations
• Fully independent adjustable suspension results in a smoother ride and may reduce spasms.
• Seat elevation option can assist with reaching higher shelves


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