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Person out for a run using petra 2 wheel trike running with able bodied friend
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Petra RaceRunner Trike

running trike

Model: Running Trike


The Petra RaceRunner lets you walk, jog or run. It is suitable for ages 3 and upwards to adult size.
The Petra frame running bike is suitable for recreational leisure, a physical challenge or just if you need equipment to get you from point A to B.
This bike may assist if you have disabilities that affect mobility and balance and you want
to be able to run, move fast and do physical exercise in the outdoors.

You can use the Frame Runner in the outdoors on a stable surface, on the track field, in the street or on a stable path in the forest.
The Frame Runner is designed for multiple activities including basic mobility, play, family rides, sport and physical fitness.
The rapid moving legs, tapping feet when running provide a full range of sensory impulses and challenge navigation skills. Frame Running encourages stepping and weight bearing. Bone density increases and muscle bulk grow leading to better posture, general endurance and control of trunk and limbs.
Wheelchair users can enjoy cardiovascular training.

• Sizes from 3-4 years to adult.
• If the user walk “tip toe” – then add about 5 cm to leg length to find rel- evant saddle height.
• All sizes have saddel and chest support on multi adjustable fittings and posts.
• Each size can be adjusted app. 16 cm in saddle height and longer posts can be supplied.
• Adjustable handlebar with brake, two parking brakes on the frame
• Reflectors in wheels, rear and front.
• Size X-small and up all have drop link of the saddle section.
• Durable & stabile design.
• Reliable handling by assistive steering spring system.
• Mini PETRA, children age 3-6 has no drop link, usual equipped with junior bike saddle and PUR semi circle body support.

0 Mini max weight 30 kgs
1 Small max weight 50 kgs
2 Small max weight 50 kgs
3 Medium max weight 65 kgs
4 Large max weight 85kgs
5 Extra Large max weight 100 kgs

RRP UK Pounds 1373.00

Clinical considerations
• Easy transfer on and off by use of drop link of saddle section
• The bike supports the users body leaving lower limbs free to walk of jog
• Hand cuffs are available as an accessory to attach hands to handle bars if users grip strength is reduced


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