Person seated in wheelchair wearing headphones. Quadstick deviceis being used to play video game
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Quadstick-mouth operated joystick

Controller for spinal cord injuries

Model: Quadstick


The Quadstick is a mouth operated joystick which can emulate a Gamepad, Mouse or Keyboard. It connects via USB to a Game Console, PC, Mac, or Android device. It also contains a Bluetooth module that can be used with a PC or Android device. The Quadstick Manager Program (QMP) is a Windows desktop application that is used for setting up and modifying the preference settings that control the Quadstick and for connecting the Quadstick to other inputs devices, such as voice commands and external devices. It is available for download from the website.
The Quadstick’s configuration scheme is built around three concepts: Inputs, Outputs, & Connections. Google Docs Spreadsheets are used to organize the connections between Inputs and Outputs that control the mapping between a sip/puff or joystick input and an output that emulates a game controller button, joystick, PC keyboard key, or mouse.

RRP USD $549

Clinical considerations
• The quadstick will require a mounting arm kit with clamp to attach to the occupants wheelchair.


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