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Quingo Flyte MK2

Mid sized scooter with remote docking ability into a vehicle

Model: Quingo Flyte


The Quingo Flyte is a portable 5-wheel mobility scooter, that will load itself, using a docking station and a remote control.
The docking station can be fitted into the back of most small hatchbacks, wagons, and SUV’s. The telescopic ramps extend down from the docking station, requiring no heavy lifting for loading and/or unloading the scooter.
The docking station can be installed and removed with no special tools or modifications to the vehicle using an adaptor kit.
The two track ramps are pulled out from the back of the vehicle and lowered to the ground.

The user removes the armrests from the scooter and then folds the scooter (with seat attached). The scooter is then lined up to the tracks and the two-button remote is pressed to load or unload the scooter from the vehicle.
The scooter features floating adjustable footplates and a kerb handling feature to prevent tipping.

Adjustable backrest (with the aid of tools)
Adjustable and removable armrests
Adjustable tiller angle
Rear anti-tip wheels

The Docking station of the Mk2 has undergone major upgrades now offering
• Easier & Quicker installation
• No tools required, No vehicle modification and no permanent fittings
• Overall lighter design
• SUV kit included with every purchase
• Ability to keep the frame installed, while using the backseats
• Allowance for seat adjustments after installation
• Self-Loads in less than 60 seconds

RRP AUS $8500

Clinical considerations
• The back seats of a hatchback will need to be folded forward to accommodate the docking station, so reduced passenger space
• The telescopic ramps come with a cane that assists in lowering the ramps to the ground, to reduce bending
• The user/carer will need to have the strength and ability to remove the armrests from the scooter and fold the scooter flat prior to using the remote to drive scooter up the ramp


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