Side view of Rabbit Up with 2 large wheels and 4 small castors
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R82 Rabbit Up

Childs Mobile stander

Model: Rabbit Up


The Rabbit Up is an adaptable standing frame that supports an upright or prone standing position. It offers the users the freedom and opportunity to move about and explore using the two optional driving wheels. Thus, the Rabbit Up enables the child to be an active participant whilst stimulating senses and providing the child with more independence.

The Rabbit Up is available in four sizes and suitable for children from approximately 870 mm (34 1/4“) to 1800 mm (70 3/4“). The max. user mass is 70 kg (154 lb).

Stander and Mobile stander
While meeting all your standing needs, the Rabbit Up offers the independence to explore using the optional driving wheels.

Angle adjustable center bar
The Rabbit Up has a simple, easy to use and controlled angle adjustment, making it possible to obtain the best standing position.

Quick release wheels
The two driving wheels are equipped with quick release for easy mounting. The wheels are available in a variety of sizes.

RRP AUD $2096 (approx)

Clinical considerations
• Quick release wheels make it easier to fit into a car for transportation or storage
• The camber (slant in) of the propelling wheels can be adjusted to suit the occupants arms lateral extension


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