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Recovawear Adaptive Clothing

Meet the Maker: Recovawear


Recovawear was designed to help take the pain out of dressing and make recovery easier. Recovaware is soft, durable, adaptive, fashionable and simple and utilses magnetic fastenings, easy access for wound and injury management and convenient openings to prevent overstretching and pain during recovery.

Recovawear is designed in Melbourne, Australia and is a range of modular, orthopaedic clothing that wraps around the body’s injured limbs to reduce over-extension and pain caused by dressing and undressing.

5% of Australians who undergo orthopaedic surgery experience post-operative reinjury. The rate per capita is growing, and the age at which initial problems occur is coming down.


– is fashionable; fair-trade and recyclable;

– helps preserve patient independence, agency and dignity;

– looks like every-day active-wear, meaning you’re more likely to wear it, and wear it out;

Recovawear is designed to help you feel better, whilst you do your best to get better. Adaptivewear doesn’t have to feel like hospital garments. Look good and feel good, whilst looking after yourself.

Recovawares current range includes mens and womens casual pants, tshirts and unisex polo shirts and mens boxer briefs.

Prices range from $25 AUD – $$80 AUD



Due to my knee surgery, I used Recovawear's pants which made it possible to have treatment for my osteoarthritic knee pain without the embarrassment and discomfort of stripping to myundergarments, every week at my physio.

I wanted something to wear and not take off while having physio, These pants made me feel more comfortable when I was being treated with acupuncture, ultrasound and massage. Being very comfortable and stylish!

The stretchy material gave me ample room for my leg to undress for appointments as well as when at work.
I’d happily recommend these pants (and did recommend them to my physio)
They are great for knee pains and any leg injury that requires physical treatments.

Due to my head injury, I found it difficult to do basic tasks like walking, moving and general hygiene of dressing & grooming. It took a massive toll on my ability to work. I used all of Recovawear products: pants, black t-shirt, long grey sleeve top and a white polo. All wear comfortable.

As mentioned, the velcro on the pants didn’t stick as well after a few days, however, they never fully opened when it was not intended - so it didn’t actually cause an
issue. Just noticed that the effect wore off a bit, and they got a bit harder to close because of it.

All wear comfortable and look clean and made me feel well kept and good compare to how I genuinely felt.
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