Bilateral amputee propelling ROVE wheelchair through city street
Woman wearing black pants and cardigan in ROVE wheelchair
ROVE Carbon 3D printed wheelchair
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ROVE Wheelchairs


ROVE is building the wheelchair of the future. We produce ultra-lightweight, highly customisable manual wheelchairs, utilising cutting-edge 3D printed titanium manufacturing all designed around you for your lifestyle.

Using advanced, aerospace-grade matierals and technologies, the ROVE wheelchair is strong and ultra-lightweight.
Integrated componentry allows for seamless and beautiful design. Express your individuality- design your own chair.
The 3D printed titanium and carbon fibre enables each chair to be custom fitted to your body. Millimeter perfect
Australian-made enables industry-leading delivery times and exceptional after sales support and service

ROVE features
– Ultra lightweight 3D printed titanium frame which allows for millimeter perfect custom fitted design.
– ROVE braking system, frame integrated, lightweight and stylish, easy to use and maintain with internal cabling
– High flow breathability, superior comfort upholstery.
– Stylish design, customised finish and accessories – design your own chair.
– ROVE flip chip integrated and adjustable Axle Design.

For more information regarding a ROVE customised chair visit ROVE Wheelchairs


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