Scewo Bro going down stairs
Young person using Scewo Bro in front of Grafitti Wall
Scewo Bro in full recline position with person relaxing
Scewo Bro Wheelchair at low table

Scewo Bro

Stair Climbing Smart Wheelchair

Meet the Maker: Scewo


Scewo Bro is a multi tasking Smart Electric Wheelchair designed to maintain a level seat height and climb stairs.

Features include

  • Adjustable Seat Height, seat depth, back support, foot and arm supports to suit your needs, in no time.
  • Stair Climb Ability (Max gradient 20-36 degrees and Step Height 200mm)
  • Individual Height adjustment to enable the user to sit at low and high tables. Elevate your seat to up to 1m to reach high objects
  • Controlled via mobile phone and touch interface with joystick
  • Hidden pocket for valuables
  • 3 Driving Modes – Park Rode, Drive Mode and Track Mode (Slippery, Steep surfaces)
  • Balances independently without the user needing upper body strength
  • Recline tilt for relaxation and pressure relief
  • Compact for easing folding and storage

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Price Estimate – $25,000 USD


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