Seeing AI being used to take image of young women in cafe by friend. Text reads 28 year old woman with black hair looking happy
Seeing AI application taking image of bank note
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Seeing AI – By Microsoft

Turn the visual world into an audible experience

Meet the Maker: Microsoft


Seeing AI is a Microsoft research project that brings together the power of the cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app, designed to help you navigate your day.

The free IOS Seeing AI app allows users to complete multiple tasks within the one application providing audio descriptions to the user for what is in front of the camera.

Features include;

– Speaking short text as soon as it appears in front of the camera

– Providing audio guidance to capture a printed page

– Gives audio beeps to help locate barcodes and then scans them to identify products

– Identify currency bills when paying with cash

– Recognising friends and describing people around you, including their emotions

– Identifying currency bills when paying with cash

– Describing colour and generating a tone for the brightness of a room

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