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Subpac Pro Vibrating Back Plate

vibrating back plate


Subpac lets you feel the bass by immersing the body in low-frequency, high-fidelity physical sound, silent on the outside. Ideal for music, gaming, & VR.Subpac, is a sub-like device you strap to your back to give you that body-rumbling feeling without deafening yourself.

The Subpac comes in two configurations. One is a small Camelbak that you strap on and walk about, this is called the Subpac M2. The second, and the one tested, is the Subpac S2, which can be strapped to a chair to act as a sort of sub back rest or slipped into a bespoke backpack for going out. Both are packed with transducers, which are essentially speakers – instead of moving air, they move something else, such as the Subpac’s back plate, making vibrations instead of sound.

RRP US $ Subpac $299
Backpack $79
Subpac M2 $349


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