Terrain Hopper Offroad Wheelchair
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Terrain Hopper

All terrain scooter

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Meet the Maker: Terrain Hopper
Model: Terrain Hopper


A large off-road powered scooter.
Designed with distinctive looks and extreme off-road capabilities.
The Terrain Hopper will give you the freedom to go where you thought was inaccessible.
Ability to drive through deep mud, sand, snow, rocks, steep hills, undergrowth and many obstacles.
With a ground clearance of 250 mm and 35° incline climbing ability
the inaccessible becomes accessible.

Supplier in the UK https: www.terrainhopper.com
Supplier in Australia: www.overlandermobility.com.au

3 models are available
Overlander Mini
RRP UK Pounds 9,950.00
New Overlander 42X
RRP UK pounds 14,990
Overlander 4 ZS
RRP UK Pounds 13,500
Customisation (Bespoke)
Available on request POA

Clinical Consideration
The user should have good upper limb strength for steering and the manual dexterity ability to control the drive levers with fingers or push levers with thumbs for forward and reverse depending on control type. A trial is advised.


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