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Umps Smart Devices

Smart Plugs to monitor daily activity for home independence

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Meet the Maker: UMPS


Umps supports independence at home by monitoring usual daily activity with discreet smart plugs placed on everyday home appliances. When changes in routine mean someone could be at risk, Umps make sure people know so they can provide the right support.

Staying independent at home as you get older can be your reality – but it does require planning. With Umps in place, you’re making a statement. I’m going to do everything I can to stay in my home for as long as possible. From the day you plug Umps in you’ll have a system that looks out for you without asking you to change the way you live your life.

Family can be the difference between aging at home or going into aged care. But it’s not easy. People’s needs can become complex, and balancing these with everyday life is stressful.

UMPS make things easier by providing you with insight on meaningful changes at home, and alerts if something has gone wrong. This means you’re always informed, and can rest-easy even when you aren’t there in person.

How does Umps Work?

Umps smart plugs detect when home appliances are used. The Home Hub manages all of the Smart Plugs and connects over the mobile network using a SIM card, allowing Umps to operate without a home internet connection.

Umps learns a persons unique daily routine

For the first 30 days Umps gets to know the user in Learning Mode. During Learning Mode, the Umps is establishing a user’s individual and unique daily habits which means that alerts are more accurate with fewer false alarms.

After Learning Mode has completed, Umps looks for subtle abnormalities that are meaningful, and could mean someone needs help like:

  • No appliances have been used when they normally would have been (like first thing in the morning!)
  • A person has used the bedside lamp 7 times overnight, indicating they haven’t slept well
  • A person’s appetite has decreased, and they’ve been opening the refrigerator far less than normal over the previous 7 days.
  • When Umps generates an insight or alert, it informs Nominated Contacts by SMS or through the Umps App. We can even arrange to check-in with the user first.


Umps Smart Home – $180 AUD

Month Umps Subscription – $40 AUD per month

The Home Hub manages all of the Smart Plugs and connects over the mobile network using a SIM card, allowing Umps Health to operate without a home internet connection.


  • 5 x Smart Plugs can be installed in less than 5 minutes – simply plug them in between any appliance and the wall socket.
  • Umps monitoring service
  • 5 Umps family accounts



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