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Vibralite 8 Vibrating Watch

Vibrating watch

Model: Vibralite 8


Wear your medication reminder on your wrist – wear a vibrating watch.
These VibraLITE vibrating watches are especially suitable for the deaf,
hard of hearing, people with hearing or vision impaired needs, and the blind.
They are a convenient and handy way to remember when regular medications or any scheduled tasks are due.

The VibraLITE watches allow for up to either 2, 8, or 12 alarms per day
depending on the model chosen.

The vibrating function can be used with the audible alarm or independently on their own.
Alarms can be set to sound or vibrate only at tab time making the process of
remembering discreet and timely, helping to achieve medication compliance.

A vibrating watch can be used as a reminder for a variety of tasks;
to wake the hearing impaired from sleep or alarm them as required, for medication reminder, nutritional reminder,
continence issues, toilet training, bowel management, Enuresis alarm, time management, examination timing,
autism, behaviour management, weight control, dieting, meditation, in noisy environments,
travelling, behaviour modification, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, awake the hearing impaired for shift work etc

Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat Option
• For ongoing preset interval timing
• Automatically repeats preset time each time countdown reaches zero when set for repeat
• Examples: every 2 hours for regular timed medication or every 30 minutes for exercise routines
• Every 4 hours for food or medications or every 20 minutes for position changes or every 45 seconds to perform a task
• Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds– up to 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds
• 5 second duration alarm
• Quick reset feature if interruption needed
• One button hold for 3 seconds returns countdown to preset time
• Records number of repeats (up to 99, then restarts at 0)
• Reminder(s) before zero optional – One second reminders at 5 and 10 minutes before zero can be set ON or OFF
• Please note: excessive use of vibration feature does reduce battery lifetime

3 Time Zones
• Set one for home location, one for travelling to location and one for alternate location time
• Minutes as well as hours can be set for each zone

Hourly Alert Option
• Short reminder (1 second) every hour on the hour

Text Prompts
• Assist in setting and confirmation of settings

12 or 24 Hour Clock Choice
• Use am/pm or 24 hour clock

Clinical Considerations
• Backlight on watch stays on while any button is being pushed making it easier to set in the dark
• Larger digits (9.9mm H X 3.87 mm W) makes for easier reading
• Offers the option of alarm or vibration or both
• Water resistant

RRP AUD $159


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