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Speech Recognition Assistant App


Voiceitt is a speech recognition app for people with non-standard speech. With machine learning, voiceiit identifies and learns your unique speech allowing you to use your voice to communicate with others and your smart home.

Voiceitt Features
– Voiceitt learns your unique speech patterns and pronunciation
– Shortcut Phrases enable you to say part of a phrase and Voiceitt can help to say the rest
– Voiceitt supports your spoken communication by recognizing, saying, and displaying your pre-trained phrases in real-time conversations.
– Accessibility across languages and accents
– Customer support team
– Currently available on Apple. Android in development.
– Integrate with Alexa or with your favourite smart device. Turn on the lights, play your tv, change the channel etc.
– Train commands so they are ready to use when you want to lay your favourite song or check the news.

Voiceitt is currently available for download on the Apple store for free.


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